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With over eleven years of experience working for the "Big 4" accounting firm in both the US and Japan, Kasai provides the following auditing services to international clients across various industries.

Statutory audit

In Japan, corporations with capital over 500 million yen or total liabilities over 20 billion yen are required to be audited by a CPA or an audit corporation that is licensed and registered in Japan.

Voluntary audit

Under US GAAP or International GAAP for foreign subsidiaries.

J SOX or Internal control audit

Audit or evaluation of the internal control processes under Japanese standards.

Review or compilation

Under Japanese GAAP, US GAAP or International GAAP.

IPO Consulting

Kasai offers IPO consulting services, with expertise including a former director of a company that had an IPO. Furthermore, Kasai is presently a director and corporate auditor of several companies which are planning IPOs.

Due Diligence

Kasai offers due diligence services and consulting for planning strategies for M&A, and restructuring.

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